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Why are your products so much less expensive?

 Our goal is to make fitness equipment as affordable as possible for everyone. We keep our prices low by keeping overhead low. We also refrain from a lot of added and unnecessary bells and whistles like staining or paint. We also do this by making everything to order instead of holding a lot of stock.

Can you ship outside of Texas?

Currently special arrangements and pricing have to be made to ship things outside of Texas. All of our products are full assembled which makes shipping tricky and expensive. If you really really want something, we are happy to get it to you, but it will cost extra.

When will my order be ready?

Everything we build is made to order. Our goal is to get you your product ASAP! Most times that is within 2-3 business days if not faster! But we build every as orders come in. Order loads can vary, so sometimes it can be a bit longer than others. As orders come in, we try to send out an email giving you a estimated day and time your order will be ready. 

Is this equipment sturdy?

We get it, there is nothing worse than going and buying something for what you think is a good deal, only to find out later it’s a piece of junk. We work to make sure all of our products are built sturdy, strong, and safe. We understand these things can be an investment and we want them to be able to hold up to your intense workouts! A lot of gyms and other customers currently use our products and are pretty happy with them. We will not deliver anything that we think is unsafe and doesn’t live up to our standards.

Can I order something custom?

Yes! We are happy to build custom projects! Just email us what you are looking for and we can work it out from there. You will be sent an invoice with the pricing and payment for custom orders will be due up front. However, we cannot add your logo or any kind of art work to the products. The good news is that everything is unfinished and not painted, so you can do all that with no problem!

Are there discounts for larger orders?

Yes! If you are ordering more than 3 items, we can make you a deal. Usually this is a 10% discount. Just send us an email and we will send you an invoice with large order pricing.

Can’t I just build this stuff myself?

Absolutely! In fact, that is how PW23 got started. The only thing to keep in mind is that while building a box or drilling some holes seems easy enough, it can be a challenge. You have to have the right tools, the time, and really know what you are doing. Remember, you are going to be jumping on, pushing, pulling, and going crazy on this stuff, you want to make sure it’s safe!

​Why are the pegs on my pegboard so tight?

The pegs are the exact same size as the wholes drilled. So for the first few uses, they will seem tight going in and out. We dont want to sand these down, make the holes bigger or the pegs smaller because a snug fit is going to be best. After you have used the peg board a few times, you break in the holes and pegs like a new pair of shoes and they will still be snug but easier to slip in and out of.  You just have to break them in!

​Why does my plyobox seem to wobble?

We take every caution to make sure all of our boxes are cut square to reduce any kind of wobble or rocking. But we do suggest putting your box on a workout mat when you are using it. A lot of times the ground or floor under the box can be uneven. Check to make sure you have it on a really flat and clean surface. Using it outside on grass or dirt can look even but have little bumps and things you can't see. Sometimes a garage floor can be a little uneven. Putting a rubber mat underneath can help with any wobbling or rocking. 

Why should I buy your product over a more well-known brand?

The awesome thing is you have a lot of choices. There are some really awesome, quality, and well known products out there. Where we try to stand apart from the rest is with pricing. We understand that not everyone has a load of cash to just spend. If you are building your home gym, you have other things you want to include too! If you own a gym, you are trying to save as much as you can. But if price isn’t the issue, then there are other things to keep in mind. Most products you order from the internet need to be assembled. This is time consuming and leaves room for error. We also deliver for free in the Austin area, and if you are outside the Austin area, usually the cost of delivery is still less than what you would pay to someone else. Lastly, we are a company made of real people. So you have a custom fitness equipment builder you can build a relationship with. If you need more equipment in the future, we are here. If you have a crazy idea for something, we are here! We want have a long standing relationship with every customer!

Are you on Social Media?

Why yes, thanks for asking! Follow us on Instagram @pw23fitness or just look up PW23 Fitness on Facebook!